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Expat Mortgage Platform is a subsidiary of HypotheekPlatform, a 100% independent, professional & reliable Mortgage advisor. Read here reviews and what customers say about us:


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Expat Mortgage Platform is the 100% Independent, Professional & Reliable Mortgage Advice for all Expats in the Netherlands

EMP is an informative website that provides guidance for expats who are looking to buy a home in the Netherlands. Expat Mortgage Platform is part of HypotheekPlatform, a high-quality mortgage consultancy for buyers in everywhere in the Netherlands.


HypotheekPlatform is an independent company which compares all lenders and insurers to get you the best possible mortgage and insurance. We’ve helped thousands of buyers already, and they give our service an average rating of 9.8 out of 10!


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The Expat Mortgage Platform experts will help you find the perfect Mortgage against the best possible rate! Calculate your Maximum Expat Mortgage online or make a free appointment with one of our mortgage advisors. Welcome!