No transfer tax for Expat starters up to 35 years old

From 2021, home buyers under the age of 35 will not have to pay a one-off transfer tax.

In the first three months, this exemption is independent of the price of the house.

From April 1, 2021, the scheme only applies to houses up to € 400,000. So on a house of € 300,000 that saves € 6,000.

The conditions for the starters exemption for transfer tax at a glance

The buyer must meet a number of conditions to make use of the transfer tax exemption.

  • The purchaser is of legal age (18) and under 35 years of age.
  • The buyer buys a house.
  • The buyer has not previously received the start-up exemption for transfer tax and declares this in writing.
  • The buyer will live in the house himself (the so-called main residence criterion). To this end, the buyer fills in the Statement of Transfer Tax Starter Exemption.
  • The home is not more expensive than € 400,000 if the transfer is after March 31, 2021 (until that date, this home value limit does not apply).

Exemption applies to the transfer of a home from 1 January 2021

The moment of transfer at the notary is decisive, not the moment of signing the purchase agreement. The exemption applies if the transfer of a house takes place at a civil-law notary on or after 1 January 2021. In addition, the exemption from 1 April 2021 only applies to houses of € 400,000 or less.

No transfer tax for starters up to 35 years old
No transfer tax for starters up to 35 years old

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