I am looking for a house but can I get a mortgage as an expat?

You are considering buying a house or maybe you have visited a couple of houses already. Perhaps it took you a little longer to find the right house and you have visited hundreds of potential homes.

Maybe you are getting tired of spending hours on Funda and almost having nightmares about the real estate agent that you shook hands with for the umpteenth time. Either way, you will probably need a mortgage to be able to live in your dream house, because eventually, you are sure to find it.

Getting a mortgage is one of the most common things you must do when buying a house, but it takes time and a bit of effort to find the right one. There are a lot of rules involved and, on top of that, each bank has its own rules concerning mortgages.

Getting a mortgage: Simpler than you think?

So, is that cry for help justified, or is it way simpler than you might think? It’s most likely the latter. Though the mortgage application is quite a big deal, there are specialists that can help you during the entire process.

Getting the help of a specialist might save you a couple of thousand euros, since they can compare virtually all lenders, whilst a bank only offers their own mortgage products. Besides, if you get a “no” from one or two banks, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a mortgage is not possible. Going to an experienced mortgage broker who can tell you what your options are will save you time, effort and a lot of frustration.

Written by Jan Thomas Fokkens

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